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Juniors and Young Athletes
The Trent Park Junior Running Club was established to cater for all runners from age 9 to 16. Ability or experience is not a precursor to membership, enthusiasm and carers to bring and collect youngsters from sessions is all that is required.
Please note, the junior section often has a wait list for membership, please contact our Junior / Young Athlete section manager via the Contact page prior to coming along to the club.
The aims of the club are to;
  • Introduce fitness as a lifestyle to youngsters
  • Provide an entry into competitive running
  • Encourage participation irrespective of ability
  • Develop a range of athletic skills transferable to other sports
  • Promote discipline, fair play and respect for fellow athletes
  • Have fun through training and competition
Mini Marathon 2016
The Training Week
Saturday is the core session of the week with all junior members encouraged to attend a 60 minute session irrespective of weather conditions. Juniors are assigned to a training group depending upon their “athletic age” and currently the club has seven training groups. Each group is led by a qualified coach and an assistant and the lead coach remains with his or her group throughout the year.
Of the seven training groups, one group caters for those runners who are either not suited to, or do not enjoy endurance running. For this group a more diverse range of activities is provided. Groups will be taken on sessions making the most of the varied park terrain and more technical sessions are taken on the sand based hockey pitch of which the club has regular use.
On the first Saturday of each month all junior club members are encourage to take part in the Club’s “Handicap” race – an opportunity to test strength and endurance over the same trail course. There are two courses, one for under 11’s, (2.25K) one for over 11’s (2.75K) and in each age category improvement is rewarded rather than simply running the fastest time. Each runners’ “Handicap Time” is used in part to determine their training group.
Tuesday sessions are held at QEII stadium track in Enfield and due to the high usage of the track the juniors are limited to those invited. Sessions are provided for endurance runners and sprinters. Full track and field facilities are not currently available, i.e. no hurdles, throws or jumps facilities.
Thursday sessions are road runs or park runs in the summer – these are also by invitation based upon running age and attitude. At least two groups will undertake various road runs depending upon the time of year.
Training Progression
Each lead coach is responsible for ensuring their group has a varied, challenging and progressive program of training activities which is relevant to competition at different time of the year. While following general principles of the periodised year, each coach must consider how his or her group is developing and whether they are indeed focused on athletic competition. Some members use their training to improve fitness for other sports including rugby, swimming, horse riding, ice skating and football.
Groups 1 ,2 & 3 are primarily competitive distance runners competing in local cross country and road race leagues.
Their training from September to December will include off road fartlek, hill sessions, back to back runs, slow steady runs, paarluf relays and circuit training. Track sessions at this time will include multiple repetitions with short recoveries and attention to running form. From December to February, emphasis will move toward quality with pyramid sets (for the older athletes) on the track and off road repetitions with longer recoveries. Some athletes will compete on the track for their school or in open grade meetings but Trent Park does not currently have a track team.
Progression is though constantly challenging the group with new activities. The group is diverse in ability and is not so suited to a conventional year round program. Improving basic running, stability, agility and strength is the overall aim – and also to have fun and keep the juniors coming back!

Group 4 caters for juniors who have moved up from Group 7 and in time will hopefully compete for the club.
Some members of this group might move to Group 3 once or twice before settling into a pattern of their choice. Training adopts a reduced volume model of Groups 1 & 2 except use of games and relays are more often employed in order to improve fitness and deliver skills.
Group 5 comprises mostly new members in the 9-10 age range. While some of these runners might be capable of running in higher groups, it is useful for them to spend some time learning the routine and discipline expected before being moved on.

The sessions make great use of games and relays throughout the year but continuous runs are regularly included to prepare even the youngest runners for the Handicap Race and eventual competition.
Trent Park Juniors and YA
Trent Park Young Athletes are sponsored by the Jack Petchey Foundation.
Group 6 caters for those members who do not favour distance running. This may be because of their current fitness level or simply that they don’t enjoy it. Rather than turn them away, the club provides a varied program of skills and sprint based activities which develop all round strength and agility.
Group 7 “Reception” is the group where most juniors aged 9-11 start. Juniors are moved through the groups depending on their athletic age and ability.
The Club meets every Saturday morning at Southgate Hockey Centre at 9.15 am and the juniors are then ready to be collected by 10.30 am.
Members must be 9 years of age.
Like more information? Contact our Junior Section from our Contact Us page, select "Young Athlete Section" from the drop-down option.
Trent Park Running Club has a child protection policy based on UK Athletics guidelines, a copy can be downloaded here(MS Word format). You can contact our child protection officer .
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